More Common Therapy


My mom was a social worker and an admirer of Salvador Minuchin. Whenever she would return from one of his workshops, she would marvel at his wisdom and creativity and then say, "But he's Minuchin and only Minuchin can do that." Whenever I teach, the one thing I want my audience to walk away with is the experience, "I can do that." It is for this reason that I have written, More Common Therapy:The Experiential Psychotherapy of Jeffrey K. Zeig, Ph.D.


More Common Therapy, at its core, is a teaching tool. Through an analysis of Jeff's work it provides detailed examples of ways in which you can set-up, intervene, and follow through with your clinical intentions and therapeutic goals. The book employs the metaphor of "compass points" to orient the reader through the domains of communication, utilization, relational factors and strategic intent.


I began working with and studying Jeff's work in 2002 with the inception of the Master Class, a group of 12 clinicians over 4 days working individually with Jeff in the presence of the group as well as being a patient, therapist, and supervisor to another clinician or therapist- patient dyad. What began as copious note taking evolved into mini-cassette recordings. These were replaced by digital recordings which, in turn, were supplanted by video recordings. Through a micro-analysis of these recordings More Common Therapy offers a window into the therapeutic artistry that Jeff calls "experiential psychotherapy."